Farm Talk's Top 10

10. The neighbor gets a new yellow truck — nope, it’s just covered with pollen.

9. Might be a good time to transition the spring-calvers that just calved into the fall calving group.

8. A fella with his feet up at the Co-op says wooly bear caterpillars indicate the coldest winter in history.

7. It’s probably too late to spray the lots now that the ragweed and marestail have reached an impressive 10 feet.

6. Every morning you get a dew-soaked spider web across the face.

5. It has finally become pointless to put away your winter stuff.

4. You choose the long-term winter forecast you like best — mild and dry.

3. But not too dry.

2. Small square bale requests begin: first for the Homecoming float, then Halloween and Thanksgiving yard decorations and, finally, nativity scenes.

1. Lets see, bales times cows divided by days equals lets hope it’s an open winter.

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