Farm Talk's Top 10

10. It’s springtime and the mushrooms are out.

9. It may have been a while since you’ve seen one but that big yellow thing is the county maintainer.

8. The neighbor got a new truck and it isn’t covered with mud and doesn’t have a cracked windshield yet.

7. No plates and a dog box in the back — possible baby calf thief.

6. No plates and a gooseneck on behind — possible big calf thief.

5. GPS doesn’t work in the neighborhood and the city folks end up on 44th Road, not I-44.

4. The carload of well-dressed ladies is either horribly lost or dropping off religious pamphlets.

3. If there are red, white and blue signs up after they leave, it was somebody working for a politician.

2. Retired and nostalgic, the older gentleman is trying to find great-grandpa’s homestead.

1. Five mph and a gun barrel sticking out the window? Well, it’s not the Avon lady.

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