10. What kind of grass can I grow on my 5 acres to keep my 10 horses, two Longhorns and six potbelly pigs year-round?

9. My free-range chickens seem to be shedding feathers and running away.

8. Why do I need to get my soil tested? — I’m almost positive it’s really soil.

7. How do I teach my pygmy goats to stay off the hood of my BMW?

6. Why would my seed dealer give me a cap with his competitor’s logo?

5. Would it be unneighborly to ask the fellow down the road not to drive his tractor around so early in the morning?

4. What breed of cow doesn’t, you know, smell so much like a cow?

3. Where can I get seed to plant those pretty purple flowers that come up every spring?

2. Is there some kind of a trick to getting hay into that tall, round concrete thingy?

1. When I asked how to make money off my farm, you said put a white fence around it and sell it to someone from Chicago but what if it already has a white fence around it and I am from Chicago?

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