Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Sick calf fecal samples more-or-less safely zip-locked in the refrigerator.

9. A rifle tripod mounted on the front porch for possum/armadillo population control.

8. Binoculars hanging on the living room curtain rod so you can keep an eye on those bred heifers.

7. Livestock wound spray in the medicine cabinet.

6. Herbicide rate metric conversion chart on refrigerator door.

5. Carburetor parts spread across kitchen table.

4. Soil samples stacked atop drier in mudroom/laundry.

3. Container full of bent nails, rusty bolts, pocket lint and unidentifiable items next to the washing machine.

2. Scenic AI company calendar on the kitchen wall.

1. Shivering baby calf in the bath tub.

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