Farm Talk's Top 10

10. A 5-gallon bucket of assorted rusty nuts and bolts, which, you discover upon moving, has a rusted out bottom.

9. Smashed grease gun cartridges from 1964.

8. A bunch or keys that must fit something somewhere — better keep ‘em.

7. The towrope you kept just to remind yourself the darn things will break.

6. Some ball bearings on the flooooooooooor!

5. The calendar from the welding supply place you had the nerve to hang.

4. A heckuva collection of bent cotter keys that might work in a pinch.

3. A full supply of temporary hitch pins (busted screwdrivers).

2. Several rods of rusted baling wire that’s hopelessly tangled in a nonfunctional chain saw.

1. The 100-foot extension cord you complained your neighbor never returned.

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