Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Do net-wrapped big round bales actually hold together better after falling off the trailer at 65 mph?

9. Dealing with planter envy.

8. Techniques for making the pickup you’re about to trade not look like it lost a game of chicken in a stampede.

7. Why normal accounting procedures don’t really apply to your operation.

6. Baling wire or zip-ties — which will more effectively hold a pallet or old bedsprings over the hole in the fence?

5. Year-round calving as a means of spreading out cash flow.

4. Things you can do to help your pain-in-the-behind rancho deluxe neighbors decide to move back to the city — without being obvious about it.

3. Ergonomic arrangement of your recliner so drink, snack, calculator, farm publication, remote control and pliers are all conveniently accessible.

2. Strategies for sticking your buddy with the check at the coffee shop.

1. How to convince your wife that a farm machinery auction 200 miles away is more important than your niece’s eighth grade graduation.

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