Farm Talk's Top 10

10. He couldn’t buck worth a darn on three legs so I wasn’t in any hurry to fix him.

9. I got a heckuva deal on not-quite-spoiled French fries.

8. She’s only got one calf so she actually still has twice as many teats as she needs.

7. That’s really more of a greenish color so I didn’t think it could be pinkeye.

6. I gave her two shots of somethin’ and fed her some other stuff — can’t figure why she’s still sick.

5. Well, the neighbor swears by tubing with cod liver oil, raw eggs and beer.

4. There’s a moon sign for callin’ the vet and it hasn’t been right ‘til today.

3. So I got to thinking, what if I put the medicine in a shotgun shell …

2. Guess I shoulda known somethin’ was up when he didn’t try to bite the feed salesman.

1. Well, gee, I thought she was one of the neighbor’s cows.

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