Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Recall notice: Semen you used a few months back was actually from an easy-calving Corriente bull.

9. Eastern European mail-order bride link — wife says it’s fine as long as Mladenka cooks, cleans and runs to town for parts.

8. Series of emails from the vet about a sick cow, the last of which says, ‘never mind.’

7. Your wife asking why you didn’t respond to voice mail, texts or yelling out the back door.

6. Exiled African prince wants to put big bucks in your bank account — nearly enough to cover your crop inputs.

5. Advertisement for pills that should have been sent to that lazy, over-priced bull you bought.

4. Results from the University regarding poor stand of corn: Farmer error.

3. County agent asks if you’d host the second half of the ‘brush control vs. no brush control’ tour.

2. Company wants to protect your personal data — and if you want personal data on anybody else, they can do that, too.

1. Neighbor wants to borrow your chainsaw but only if you’ve sharpened it since last time.

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