Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Wearing a mask: When being health conscious AND cattle rustling go hand-in-hand.

9. The ol’ busted-horn cow with the Charlie Manson eyes may be great at social distancing but she probably needs to be social distanced to the sale barn.

8. Probably hadn’t ought to inject the sick cows with bleach — except maybe Charlotte Manson.

7. Explain to the banker you can’t meet with him because you’re self-quarantining.

6. Be sure to add the word “beer” when the neighbor stops by and you tell him you have Bud, Bud lite and Corona.

5. The state has outlawed gatherings of more than six people so somebody’s going to have to do the branding and the shots.

4. The cowboys in the roping pen are jeering a buddy, telling him to lose the mask ‘cause he never could catch anything anyway.

3. Face it, closing beauty parlors, nail salons and tanning beds doesn’t have a heckuvalotta impact on you.

2. Now you have to worry about your stock dog biting strangers because HE might catch something.

1. You need better Wi-Fi if the vet’s going to preg-check via tele-health.

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