TORONTO (AP) — Canada was back in a revamped North American free trade deal with the United States and Mexico late Sunday after weeks of bitter, high-pressure negotiations that brushed up against a midnight deadline.


WASHINGTON (AP) —The Republican-led House narrowly passed a sweeping farm bill Thursday that would toughen work requirements for food stamp recipients.

GRAWN, Mich. — The peace and quiet was welcome — and for a while, even the horses obliged.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Tart cherry juice imports from Turkey have been cutting into profits for Michigan growers. And the situation may get worse.

With strong support and input from the National Pork Producers Council, the United States and Argentina this week finalized an export certificate that allows the U.S. pork industry to ship product to the South American country.

U.S. agricultural trade is being threatened by a storm of policy challenges and political rhetoric. As the political discussions continue, it’s important to not lose sight of the basic economic principles that are the foundation for all trade.


Following China’s announcement of a proposed 25 percent tariff on imported U.S. soybeans, the American Soybean Association is again expressing its extreme frustration about the escalation of a trade war with the largest customer of U.S. soybeans, and calling on the White House to reconsider …

So far in 2018, beef production is higher year over year as expected, with increased cattle slaughter and carcass weights. Beef demand has continued strong carrying forward momentum from 2017. Cattle prices, both feeder and fed, along with wholesale and retail beef prices have generally been…

Due to the Electronic Logging Device mandate, mass confusion in the agricultural industry has been prevalent — not just in social media, but in daily conversations as well.  There have been a lot of abbreviations and misinformation tossed about.  Joe Q Public has had a hard time separating f…

As a rural Kansas resident, I feel compelled to express my growing concern about the negative effects the Electronic Logging Device Mandate, Commercial Motor Vehicle classifications, and Commercial Driver’s License requirements have on the agriculture and livestock industries. With the exten…


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas' ban on the use of a weed killer blamed by farmers in several states for crop damage will remain in place after a state judge dismissed a legal challenge by a maker of the herbicide.

The Jan. 1, 2018, inventory of cattle in feedlots was 11.49 million head, 108.3 percent of year earlier levels. This is an increase of 884,000 head compared to Jan. 1, 2017, and is the largest January on-feed total since 2012. For the 12 months of 2017, feedlot placements totaled 23.5 millio…

Since the turn of the year, Congress and the Trump administration have been haggling over legislative priorities. Many issues are on the agenda, from health care to infrastructure, but there has been little mention of a key priority: The 2018 farm bill.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s August Crop Production report contained larger-than-expected forecasts for the 2017 U.S. corn and soybean crops. At 169.5 bushels per acre and 49.4 bushels per acre respectively, the corn and soybean yields came in above trade expectations, said a Univers…

Donnie Facemyer worked in the coal industry for 25 years until he was laid off from Pritchard Mining. He now works for the Green Mining Project planting and growing lavender on the site of the former mine.

Lavender growing on the site of the former Prichard Mine in Hernshaw. Lavender is a very resilient crop and thrives in a rockier environment. When the oil is distilled, it can sell for about $500 a gallon. (Jenny Harnish/The Register-Herald)

Jenny Harnish/The Register-HeraldMarina Sawyer is the project coordinator for the Green Mining Model Business Program, which aims to turn the reclaimed area of the former Prichard Mine site into lavender crops.

Japan says “Whoa, go slow” on imports of frozen beef from the United States. To safeguard their own beef farmers, Japan raised tariffs on U.S. beef from 38.5 to 50 percent.


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Drought conditions worsened in several states over the past week from extreme heat and weeks with little rain, raising the prospect that grocery staples such as bread and beans could cost more as the region that produces those commodities is hardest hit.

TOKYO (AP) —In unwelcome news for American farmers, Japan said that it was imposing emergency tariffs of 50 percent on imports of frozen beef, mainly from the U.S.

The Commissioner of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, John McMillan, confirmed that the department is working with USDA officials to address a positive test for atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy in an 11-year old Alabama beef cow.

An "atypical" variety of the animal illness known as mad cow disease was found in an 11-year-old Alabama animal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Tuesday.

GLASGOW, Ky. — The cows shuffle in and take their places in the stalls, but there are no milking stools and no buckets here, just cows being milked — by robots.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - ABC News has reached a settlement with a South Dakota meat producer that filed a $1.9 billion lawsuit against the network over its reports on the company's lean, finely textured beef product that critics dubbed "pink slime," the TV network said Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced the suspension of all imports of fresh beef from Brazil because of recurring concerns about the safety of the products intended for the American market.  The suspension of shipments will remain in place until the Brazilian Ministry o…


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s timing on his restrictive policy toward relations with Cuba could not have been worse for Kevin Paap, president of the Minnesota Farm Bureau. .

A new deal between the U.S. and Mexico on sugar exports may have averted a costly trade war. But it's also sparked a fierce battle between the Trump administration and some of America's largest food companies, who claim Tuesday's agreement will harm their businesses and ratchet up food costs for consumers.

Less than one-quarter of Earth’s total cropland produces nearly three-quarters of the staple crops that feed the world’s population – especially corn, wheat and rice, the most important cereal crops. These areas are our planet’s major breadbaskets.

Workers at South Georgia Produce grade fresh green beans.

A worker at Sunset Farms boxes sausages that have been packaged.

Rows of bell peppers are almost ready for harvest at this field at Raisin' Cane in Valdosta, Georgia.

Through the Georgia Grown program, various agricultural products grown in Georgia receive the Georgia Grown label to indicate they have been locally grown.

Sunset Farms provides jobs in South Georgia through its preparing, packaging and distribution of its pork products.

Locally grown green beans are packaged at South Georgia Produce.

Boyd County Detention Center inmates sow seeds.

Lt. Gus Guzman gives the inmates instructions.

Boyd County Jailer Joe Burchett watches the inmates sow seeds.

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