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For the week ending March 12:

Weather finally is starting to feel more like spring this week. Thunderstorms and heavy rains resulted in some flooding in low areas and near streams or rivers.  Reports of spring peepers are a sure promise things will soon start turning green. Although the origin is unknown, there were undoubtedly more trucks seen on roadways this week across the state. Although grass is coming there are still some feeding days left and it seems as if a few producers are letting go of inventory to help others and cash in on current prices. Hay supplies are light, demand is moderate and hay prices are steady.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has a hay directory available for both buyers and sellers. To be listed or to view the directory, visit http://mda.mo.gov/abd/haydirectory/. For listings of hay, visit http://agebb.missouri.edu/haylst/.

(All prices f.o.b. and per ton unless specified and on most recent reported sales price listed as round bales based generally on 5x6 bales with weights of approximately 1,200-1,500 pounds.)

Supreme quality Alfalfa (RFV <185): $200-250; Small squares: $7-10 per bale

Premium quality Alfalfa (RFV 170-180): $175-200

Good quality Alfalfa (RFV 150-170): $120-160; Small squares: $5-7 per bale

Fair quality Alfalfa (RFV 130-150): $100-120

Good quality Mixed Grass hay: $100-150; Small squares: $5-8 per bale (some alfalfa/grass mix)

Fair to good quality mixed grass hay: $75-125; Small squares: $4-6 per bale

Fair quality Mixed Grass hay: $40-75 per large round bale

Good quality bromegrass: $120-150

Fair to good quality bromegrass: $60-100

Wheat straw: $3-6 per small square bale

Corn stalks: $50-70 per large round bale

(Source: Missouri Department of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Jefferson City, Mo., Tony Hancock, Market Reporter, 573-751-5618)