University of Missouri and Lincoln University are teaming up to host the Southern Missouri Sheep and Goat Conference from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., October 16 in Community Room #2 at Citizens Memorial Hospital, Bolivar, Mo.

MU Extension offices in southern Missouri continue to receive a growing number of calls for information about sheep and goat production according to Wesley Tucker, an agriculture business specialist with University of Missouri Extension in Polk County.

"There is simply more profit potential in sheep and goats than most other enterprises that can use our local resources. Of course you have to be willing to put in more labor as well as an investment in facilities and fences," said Tucker.

This conference will provide producers with practical management tips they can use to focus on improving the profitability of their own sheep and goat operations.

"This conference is for beginners as well as experienced producers," said Tucker.

The conference is free and lunch is being sponsored by the Buffalo Livestock Sheep and Goat Market in Buffalo. However, registration is needed prior to October 11.

For more information about the conference, stop by or call the Polk County Extension Center at 417-326-4916 or by e-mail at polkco@

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