Market values in farming don’t stay the same for very long. Farm prices are like Missouri weather.  We don’t have to wait very long for a change.  Marketing commodities ahead of harvest usually takes a lot of concentration and carries some big financial risks, but not this summer.

In July, University of Missouri-Extension will coordinate the “Show-Me Market Showdown.”  This is a free, educational, online grain marketing game for farmers, ag professionals and other interested people.  This game is a simulation that will enable players to enhance their grain marketing knowledge and skills.

The Show-Me Market Showdown will run from July 14 to September 19.  

The game website is linked to real-time market information allowing players to execute virtual market transactions. The website monitors player market positions, executes trades, and summarizes players’ virtual marketing account balances. Although the game is competitive, the main focus of the game is to demonstrate the risks and rewards of alternative marketing strategies and to learn the mechanics of various marketing tools, like futures contracts, options on futures, and forward contracts.

To this end, the University of Missouri Extension will offer players guidance and marketing instruction through weekly educational emails and a game blog. The emails and blog will provide a valuable means of discussion among the game coordinators and participants.

In addition to being fun and educational, participation in the Show-Me Market Showdown is extremely flexible and risk-free. Players can access the game whenever they have time and wherever they have access to the Internet. While all trades in the game utilize real market quotes, players have no risk of financial loss by participating in the game. Funding for this project is provided by the North Central Risk Management Education Center and the USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture. As a result, participation in the game is completely free.

Currently the easiest way to register on-line for the Show-Me Market Showdown is to ‘Google’ or search for the words, “Show-Me Market Showdown” in Google or Yahoo search.  You can also register from the Lafayette County Extension Website.  Once you get to the Show-Me Market Showdown registration page, just log in.    If you have any difficulty, contact me, Mark Jenner, University of Missouri, Ag Business Extension Specialist in Bates County, at 660-679-4167, or by email at jen

We are excited to offer the farming community a chance to play in our ‘Show-Me Market Showdown!’ I hope to see you in the game.

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