Extended heavy summer rainfalls found many surrounding areas flooded.

One of the areas hit hardest was Coffeyville, Kan., the home of the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo.

When the water receded and the damage was evaluated the news was sad but sure. The fairgrounds was left in bad shape and there would be no way the 99th annual fair could be held in Coffeyville.

Sometimes it takes bad things though to make good things happen. Instead of cancelling the entire fair, local fair boards got to talking and the Labette County Fair Board in Oswego offered their facility to the folks from Coffeyville.

“The Labette County people and fair board have been fantastic and so supportive of our efforts,” Dwayne Messner, fair board co-supervisor explained.

According to Messner, throughout all the planning and brainstorming, everyone had the same general idea.

“The general consensus throughout all of this is that we wanted to to the right things for the kids,” Messner said.

So the fair went on, at least the livestock portion anyway.

The committee’s agreed to hold the market animal shows at the Labette County Fairgrounds in Oswego and everything worked out the best it possibly could.

The show started out, just like in Coffeyville, with the market barrow show which featured more than 150 animals.

Long after the sun had set, judge Galen McCune from Mooreland, Okla., selected Andrew Anderson’s Duroc entry as this year’s grand champion.

Andrew, from Caney, Kan., is the son of Brian and Jennifer Anderson.

Jacob Ornder’s Yorkshire entry was selected as the reserve grand champion.

Jacob is the son of Shane and Jody Ornder from Vinita, Okla.

According to Judge McCune, the grand champion was selected from what he called the best class of the day.

Other winners at the market barrow show included:

All Other Breeds

Breed Champion—Beth Koscelny

Reserve Breed Champion—Michelle Sears

Chester White

Breed Champion—Andrew Anderson

Reserve Breed Champion-Cheyenne McCord


Breed Champion—Andrew Anderson

Reserve Breed Champion—Brittnie Tipton


Breed Champion—Kyla Woolfolk

Reserve Breed Champion—Amy Boren


Breed Champion—Jacob Ornder

Reserve Breed Champion—Matthew Jobe


Breed Champion—Corbin Wilkins

Reserve Breed Champion—Quinn Wilkins

The second day of the Inter-State Fair Market Livestock Show featured the lambs and meat goats.

Phil Stacy of Oktaha, Okla., evaluated the market goat entries and selected Lindsey Pease of Chetopa as the grand champion overall.

Pease is the daughter of Wayne and Stephanie Pease.

The reserve grand champion market goat entry was shown by Casey Piguet from Vinita, Okla.

He is the son of Jerry and Carolyn Piguet.

Judge Harlan Yocham of Sapulpa, Okla, evaluated the market lamb classes at the livestock show.

According to Yocham, the lamb show at the Inter-State Fair livestock show had a lot of very strong contenders.

Even with a lot of strong competition there can only be one winner.

After evaluating the classes Yocham selected Cassie Pirtle of Copan, Okla., as the grand champion.

Pirtle, the daughter of Randy and Susan won the market lamb show with her Natural entry.

The reserve grand champion was a crossbred shown by Boone Ott.

He is the son of Doug and Pam Ott from Coffeyville, Kan.

Other winners at the lamb show included:


Breed Champion—Colin McDaniel

Reserve Breed Champion—Brenna Parker


Breed Champion-Curtis Hewlett

Reserve Breed Champion—Shelby Holady


Breed Champion—Cassie Pirtle

Reserve Breed Champion—Lexie Baker


Breed Champion—Boone Ott

Reserve Breed Champion—Colin McDaniel

The final day of the Inter-State Fair Market Livestock Show held in Oswego, Kan., featured the market steer show.

Judge Yocham was on hand again to select the grand and reserve champion steers. After carefully evaluating all of the classes, Yocham selected this year’s champion.

Will Rosson of Welch, Okla., exhibited the grand champion steer with his Maine-Anjou entry. Rosson is the son of DeWayne and Faith Rosson.

The reserve grand champion steer was an Angus exhibited by Brook Bell. She is the daughter of Jackie Christenson from Delaware, Okla.

Other winners in the market steer show included:


Breed Champion—Brook Bell

Reserve Breed Champion—Ethan McCabe


Breed Champion—Will Rosson

Reserve Breed Champion—Cameron Wilkins


Breed Champion—Will Slayter

Reserve Breed Champion—Joey Kuehn


Breed Champion—Zach Lawellin

Reserve Breed Champion—Garrett Bell

All Other Breeds

Breed Champion—Phillip Mendell

Reserve Breed Champion—Megan LaRue


Breed Champion—Kyla Woolfolk

Reserve Breed Champion—Curtis Hewlett.


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