No-till on the Plains is pleased to announce an upcoming event designed to assist no-till producers with taking their operation to the next level. Agriculture’s Innovative Minds (AIM) Symposium will be held on Thursday, December 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Airport Hilton in Wichita, Kansas.

AIM is a series of meetings with the precise focus of assisting advanced producers as they lead continuous no-till into unchartered territory. Prospective attendees of the AIM Symposium have already determined that continuous no-till is the superior production method, and they are already extremely comfortable in an intensively-managed holistic system.

Featured speaker Jill Clapperton will address the topic “Create the Future.” Formerly a Soil Health

Consultant, Clapperton was the Rhizosphere Ecologist at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge Research Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada for 15 years. Clapperton now owns and operates her own global consulting business, Earthspirit Land Resource Consulting, from the Maclay family ranch near Carlton, Montana. A popular speaker at several previous No-till on the Plains Winter Conferences, this will be a rare opportunity to interact with one of the world’s authorities on the microbial interaction taking place in our soils. This will be a meeting like no other— full of real-life producer data where attendees will get the tools to achieve the next step to unlock the potential in their soils. Clapperton will bring the world to AIM attendees— things that are new and innovative that they can do on their farms.

AIM will consist of highly interactive sessions involving local producers which should prove to be extremely educational and enlightening. Topics covered will be Soil Recommendations including synergies between soil tests, tissue tests, grain analysis, and biological soil testing as well as balancing soil chemistry in diversified no-till rotations.

Clapperton will next share a session titled “Learn from the Past” which will examine how we can take historical knowledge of crop rotations on the semi-arid prairie and apply it with our new technology. Under-seeding and inter-seeding at seeding time or before harvest as well as on-farm research will be discussed. The final session will be a World Tour of what is new and upcoming in technology.

It is the goal of No-till on the Plains to keep the no-till innovators aware of what is happening globally. This December AIM Symposium will be the standard for meetings in the future. It will enable the innovators to ascend to the next level. Attendees should expect to be mentally challenged. Again, this is not a meeting to learn how to no-till—this is for those who have already achieved no-till success but realize that they are far from reaching their potential.

No-till on the Plains endeavors to empower producers by sharing with them the critical analysis tools and management techniques utilized by the absolute leading experts from across the world.

No-till on the Plains Executive Director Brian Lindley shares, “It is my personal goal to see our producers take charge of our own industry (agriculture production) and establish their own future. I want producers to tell the agricultural industry what is required to get to the next step—not let industry dictate to producers what the next step should be. I firmly believe the primary key for success at this next level will be based on an understanding and knowledge of superior soil health, and it will only be accomplished by properly managed continuous no-tillage.”

Pre-registration is available for $199 through December 11 and $99 for spouses. The walk-in rate will be $249. Hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee but can be purchased by attendees by calling the Airport Hilton at 316-945-5272 and asking for the No-till on the Plains room block by December 2 to qualify for the discounted rate.

The next in the series of AIM Symposiums will be January 28, immediately following the January 26-27, 2010 Winter Conference in Salina, Kansas. The January AIM meeting will feature South American Ademir Calegari who started the cover crop excitement at the 2006 Winter Conference. Several experienced producers from the area will also share beneficial information about which cover crops have been tried and what is working.

For information or to register for the AIM Symposium, contact the office at 888-330-5142 or visit the Website at

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