Kiko goats

Kiko goats are famous for strong maternal instincts and parasite resistance.

The American Kiko Goat Association will hold its’ 2008 Annual Convention and Showcase Sale on June 20 and 21 at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds in Ft. Scott, Kan. Featured this year will be an educational seminar on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, a goat meat cook-off Friday afternoon, and a trade show on both days. The annual Showcase Sale will be held as the capstone event on Saturday afternoon.

The Kikos have been called the “Angus” of the goat world. Unlike other meat goat breeds, the Kikos do not participate in shows, but focus on commercial traits such as strong maternal instincts, hardiness, milk production, parasite resistance, vigorous, fast growing kids, and high dressing carcasses. They originated in New Zealand under harsh range conditions and the word “kiko” means meat in the native New Zealand language. Especially valuable is the parasite resistance. While other breeds originated in the hot dry climates of South Africa or Mexico, the Kikos originated in the high rainfall, temperate climate of New Zealand, which is very similar to the climate of the Southeast and Central United States. Thus, Kikos are much better adapted to deal with the parasite problems here. With strong maternal instincts and vigorous kids, Kikos usually kid in the pasture in all kinds of weather, making them a good match for commercial production.

This year’s educational seminar will feature Steve Hart of Langston University talking on parasite control and a producer panel on marketing goats on Friday. Saturday morning will see Bob Woods, OSU area agronomy specialist addressing stocking rates and forage evaluation while Ann Wells will talk about nutrition and health for meat goats. A Saturday panel will discuss forages and health, including the economic and health advantages of combining goats into existing cattle operations.

Kiko breeders from coast to coast will be on hand to compare notes with each other and with stockmen who might be considering entering the industry of meat goat production. Several of these breeders will bring with them a few of their top animals to offer in the Showcase Sale. The sale will include approximately 120 goats ranging from the best of the breed for seed stock producers to percentage replacements for commercial growers.

The events of the convention are open to the public. If you are looking for ways to improve your goat operation or wondering if a goat herd is right for you, make plans to attend while this national convention is here in the four states area.

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