Farm Talk

October 9, 2012

The Top Ten things city people learn when they move to the country:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. Organic fertilizer sounds like a great idea but having poultry litter spread on the lawn is a big mistake.

9. Even though the pasture is almost as big as a football field, there’s not enough grass for six horses, two llamas and four cows—even though they’re miniature cows!

8. The rancher down the road must be a trick rider because when you drive by and honk, he makes his horse jump up and down and run sideways.

7. The County is downright rude when you ask them to spray down the gravel road every day for dust control.

6. It’s easier and less frustrating to drive around the section than it is to follow a combine up the road.

5. Deer are our adorable nature friends—until they eat the chrysanthemums and slam into the side of your car.

4. Heating fuel doesn’t just magically appear—you have to check the propane tank once in a while.

3. The road maintenance crew has a ‘God put it there, God will take it away’ approach to snow removal.

2. Neighboring farmers don’t seem to understand that the family dog is just trying to make friends with their cows.

1. Regardless of what the real estate guy said, turns out there’s not much of a market for cedar Christmas trees. £