Farm Talk

June 4, 2013

The Top 10 issues with the section you want to buy:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10.  Rumor has it that Ted Turner spotted some black-footed ferrets so he’s interested, too.       

  9.  Your lender points out that the APH is zero—at least until crop insurance covers multiflora rose.

  8.  The county agent says, if you get it bought, he’d like to do a trial on all of the glyphosate-resistant weeds present.

  7.  The fences are, well, could you really call them fences?

  6.  There’s a ditch filled with all kinds of stuff the EPA seems interested in.

  5.  Absentee landowners on all four sides have already promised to sue if a prescribed burn touches their precious cedar trees.

  4.  There is what appears to be a musk thistle-sericea lespedeza-johnsongrass nursery on the backside.

  3.  That 5-acre pond is actually five inches deep and then only after a big rain.

  2.  The soil map says something about vast expanses of unavailable limestone.

  1.  The previous owner used it primarily as a place for him and his buddies to go mudding. £