Farm Talk

May 30, 2013

The Top 10 signs rural folks are tightening their belts

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10.  Instead of a new cap, your seedsman offers to take last year’s cap home and wash it.

 9.  Your vet is sharing a truck with the plumber and has to dehorn with a hack saw and pipe wrench.

 8.  The implement dealer is offering two service plans: Done and Done Right.

 7.  At the co-op, you have to bring your own coffee—and your own cup.

 6.  The county agent brings half-full cereal boxes from home as refreshments for his soils and crops meeting.

 5.  Sale barn initiates new U-Sort ‘Em, U-Load ‘Em, U-Cleanup After ‘Em policy.

 4.  The bait shop, tanning salon, and tax accountant have merged.

 3.  The Post Office contracts with the Schwan’s man to deliver rural mail once a week.

 2.  The farm store now accepts trade-ins on corral panels that are only partially accordioned.

 1.  Those people who threw beer cans in your road ditch? They’re picking them back up. £