Farm Talk

January 8, 2013

The Top 10 farm sale bill items sure to draw a crowd:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10.  Used tillage equipment stored in shade—bring chain saw.

 9.  Trapezoid-shaped livestock panels ideal for creative cattle control.

 8.  Multiple boxes of antique stuff, one of which may contain something of value.

 7.  Several aluminum water tanks, some still have bottoms.

 6.  Converted pickup bed trailer. Some rust. Needs hitch, axle, wheels.

 5.  Two-bottom plow, one bottom missing.

 4.  Large quantity used baling wire. (Forklift available sale day.)

 3.  Log chain, 20-ft. (in three separate parts).

 2.  Hog oiler for parts.

 1.  Older-style rotary mower. Includes several rods of electric fence wire. £