Farm Talk

October 2, 2012

The Top Ten reasons a farmer bids way too much for that quarter next door:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. Investing in land is kinda like playing roulette, whereas the stock market seems more like Russian Roulette.

9. As long as people can eat while they’re texting, food production seems to have a pretty good future.

8. When the cows get out, you can just leave them there.

7. There’s a wall-hanger buck in there that’s been taunting you for years.

6. It’s going to solve a lot of spray drift issues.

5. If you don’t buy it, it’ll probably go to yuppie city folk who are going to complain about everything you do.

4. Not having to fix your half of the fence is going to save a fortune.

3. USDA issues official ‘High Prices Forecast to Last Forever’ report.

2. With global warming and the ocean rising, it may be beach-front property before long.

1. Tear the fence out and you’ll finally have room to turn that new planter around. £