Farm Talk

July 16, 2013

The Top Ten issues a farmer discusses with his physician

Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. His eyes are fine but his arms are getting shorter.

 9. His wife wants his hearing checked because he seems to miss a lot of her suggestions.

 8. Although it never used to, when he unloads feed two bags at a time his back hurts.

 7. He’s wondering if nodding off during the Extension meeting power point presentation constitutes a sleep disorder.

 6. He can’t cut back on red meat consumption until after set of steers he has in the feedlot sells.

 5. Last weekend he skipped an auction to go to the city with his wife so he figures there must be something horribly wrong with him.

 4. He’d liked to be checked for allergies so he’d have a good excuse not to grow milo anymore.

 3. Farm machinery manufacturers keep making that first step up into the tractor cab a little higher.

 2. He gets a splitting headache every day during the noon markets.

 1. There aren’t any farm publications in the waiting room. £