Farm Talk

March 1, 2013

The Top 10 causes of a snow storm just when you thought winter was about over:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10.  Premature removal of the hay spear.

 9.  Having absolutely nothing handy to throw in the back of your 2WD pickup.

 8.  Receiving a set of long-hauled Southern cattle that already have a little cough to them.

 7.  Putting away insulated coveralls, stocking cap and other cold weather gear because you thought you wouldn’t need them for another eight months.

 6.  Daydreaming about getting an early start on planting corn.

 5.  Leaving the new part you need laying on the ground somewhere in the general vicinity of the machine shed.

 4.  Thinking you were going to have plenty of hay.

 3.  Scheduling any sort of outdoor leisure activity.

 2.  Putting the scoop shovel you leave outside the shop door all winter on the inside of the shop door.

 1.  Scoffing loudly when your wife, who has that annoying habit of being right all the time, reminds you of last February’s snow storm. £