Farm Talk

September 5, 2013

The Top 10 tidbits overheard on a farm tour

Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. I was flattered the county agent wanted to stop at my place ‘til I figured out it was for the ‘before’ part of his talk on brush control.

9. Last year it was darn dusty and one pickup in the middle of the caravan wasn’t part of the group so half the tour followed him to Tulsa.

8. They tell me a lot of these rustlers are now dropping off horses when they steal cattle.

7. Well sure he’s got good fences — he’s got a good job in town.

6. They said isolated showers and, sure enough, it only rained on one side of the windshield.

5. How come it’s never one of these high quality bulls that jumps the fence and gets in with my heifers?

4. The guy counting cows? That’s his banker.

3. Well, now I know who was bidding against me for those replacement heifers.

2. I tried to buy this place but it sold for twice what it was worth — now it’s worth four times what it’s worth.

1. I think he got a little confused about which beans were Liberty Link and which were Roundup Ready. £