Farm Talk

November 7, 2012

The Top Ten things the Extension folks don’t fully appreciate about your cows:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. They’ve evolved to blow through the blackjack and brush like Collin Klein in the red zone.

9. Due to outstanding vertical leaping ability, there’s substantial forage savings from being at the neighbor’s half the time.

8. They help stimulate the economy because you run to town for extra panels every time you gather.

7. If the beef market really does operate on averages, man-oh-man, what an opportunity to get way over-paid.

6. They live on sericea and prickly pear and would probably stampede if they ever saw a feed truck.

5. Heck, they more or less cull themselves since the old and crippled cows are the only ones you can corral.

4. Talk about good mamas—the surviving coyotes have all moved over to the neighbor’s.

3. Every-third-year calvers significantly reduce pasture pressure and bull requirements.

2. Your cows have been instrumental in developing some of the best cowboys in the country.

1. No way can order buyers add up all the appropriate discounts in the 30 seconds your cattle are in the ring. £