Farm Talk

March 25, 2014

Top 10 non-meteorological causes for early spring storms:


Mark Parker — 10. Leaving show pig feed — containing zinc, iron and, apparently, precious metals, as well — in the back of the pickup.

 9. Having ground that’s just almost dry enough to plant.

 8. Forgetting you promised your wife you’d grab the sheets off the clothesline on your way back to the house.

 7. Having everything you need all lined up for a prescribed burn the next day.

 6. Cleaning up the dropped branches in the pecan grove.

 5. Not tying down the new barbecue grill (like your wife “suggested”).

 4. Not cleaning the leaves out of the gutter (like your wife “suggested”).

 3. Having a load of long-haul, lightweight misfit calves delivered the day before.

 2. Having a set of first-calf heifers out in the timber that need to be gathered and brought up just in case they decide to start early.

 1. Any bold statements such as, “Coupla pieces of twine ought to hold that tarp,” or “That water gap appears to be in pretty fair shape,” or “Ten bucks says we don’t get a drop.”