Farm Talk

December 24, 2013

The Top 10 New Year’s wishes for farmers and ranchers

Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. May you be the lucky one the guys at the coffee shop are talking about after isolated showers.

9. Here’s hoping you hit the peaks and miss the lows.

8. A swarm of aphids eats all your glyphosate-resistant water hemp and then commits suicide.

7. That expensive-sounding rattle the tractor’s making? It’s your lost cell phone and it still works.

6. The first-calf heifers all choose to calve in the daytime and only on nice days.

5. Your biggest problem of the year turns out to be too darn much leftover hay.

4. The neighbor with the mongrel bull fixes his half of the fence.

3. The calf you pull out of your herd for your kid’s 4-H project not only doesn’t embarrass you, he wins.

2. Your corn looks so darn good you’re getting big-time cap, jacket, thermometer and rain gauge offers to put signs along the road.

1. And health, wealth and happiness for you and your family. £