Farm Talk

July 24, 2012

The Top Ten comments overheard at the county fair:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. My wife brought two lead ropes — one for the bucket calf and one for the kid.

9. They had to sell off an 80 to pay for those lambs but—you gotta admit—they look pretty darn good.

8. As soon as he shows, we can put away the blender and the Bunsen burner and the mortar and pestle and go back to feeding plain ol’ hog feed.

7. In retrospect, having the poultry check-in during the dog show probably wasn’t a very good idea.

6. There’s nowhere in the fair book that says an entry in the baked goods division can’t have a bite taken out of it.

5. A few years ago they brought in a packer to judge the steers so it’d be more practical—poor guy barely got outa there alive.

4. If I thought the steer had a prayer of winning I’d have warned the judge not to slap him on the rump.

3. My wife swears if I don’t get the AC in the camper fixed she’s runnin’ away with the carnival.

2. Beats me how he gets a steer lookin’ that good but I did notice a half-dozen cans of Fix-A-Flat in his showbox.

1. Nope, haven’t seen your kids — they must be with mine.