Farm Talk

September 5, 2012

The Top Ten signs of Fall:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. You hear your first prediction of a long hard winter from the old-timer whose ground you rent.

9. The coffee shop consensus is moving toward voting for “none of the above.”

8. Your seedsman stops by to ask which hybrid you think would have been the best if it had rained.

7. It’s cool enough in the morning for your saddle horse to crow-hop, hot enough by afternoon to find a job that includes air conditioning.

6. Even after a three-month layoff, you can still ID the sound of the school bus from a half-mile away.

5. Since it’s closer to next Christmas than last Christmas, it’s officially too late to bother taking down last year’s Christmas lights on the house.

4. You think back nostalgically on how you got stuck in the mud cutting 40-bushel beans just a few years ago.

3. Accepted wisdom at the co-op is that winter is going to be a heckuvalot colder and wetter than normal just to average things out.

2. Rodent activity in the barn is on the upswing.

1. You count your big round bales every morning hoping you missed some the day before. £