Farm Talk

February 18, 2014

The Top 10 thoughts on the weather in these parts:

Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — The Top 10 thoughts on the

weather in these parts:

10. Where else can you have a burn ban and flash flood warning at the same time?

9. The TV weather person doesn’t get too excited about bad weather until it’s past your place and closing in on the metro area.

8. Weather systems arrive either two days earlier or two days later than predicted — whichever is more likely to screw up haying or field work.

7. On a five-below day you wish it was 105 and, sure enough, six months later, your wish comes true.

6. Either your neighbor fibs about how much rain he gets or somebody up there likes him better.

5. From the end of harvest to the beginning of planting, it doesn’t seem to hail much.

4. You know the difference between ‘lose your boot in the feedlot’ mud and ‘walk home from haying the cows’ mud.

3. The rain is sometimes so spotty only half your slicker gets wet.

2. When the weather man says ‘take shelter,’ you interpret that as ‘walk out to the southwest corner of the yard and stand there a while.’

1. Summer drought and autumn monsoons generally add up to normal annual rainfall.