Farm Talk

August 8, 2013

The Top Ten post-fair challenges farm wives have to deal with

Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. Somehow, she has to get that “temporary” biker tattoo scrubbed off of her five-year old’s arm before kindergarten begins.

9. After meeting a “totally awesome” boy from across the county, her 14-year-old daughter has blown right by her cell phone texting limit.

8. She has to sort through the show box to locate her shampoo, hair spray and other beauty products.

7. The middle son has announced that he has abandoned his plans to be a paleontologist in favor of becoming a carnie.

6. She’s been trying to put a positive spin on the judge’s comments regarding her youngest’s last-place Cheviot market lamb.

5. There are clothing stains that not even that fast-talking guy on television could get out.

4. The kids seem to be suffering from the illusion that, since their animals are gone, they are now chore-free.

3. Her husband seems to think the pies he bought at the bake sale and left in his truck for three days are perfectly edible.

2. After that tearful scene at the premium sale, pork will not be a menu option for a while.

1. She’s going to have to apologize to one of her friends for that “you can tell it’s a cake mix” remark. £