Farm Talk

July 14, 2012

The Top Ten farmer conversation coffee shop topics:

by Mark Parker

Parsons, Kansas — 10. Politicians and pigweed—which is toughest to eradicate?

9. Who got the least rain discussion—last guy to contribute wins.

8. Theories on how so-and-so can do such a lousy job and still get a new tractor.

7. Idea sharing for getting out of going to in-law weddings, dance recitals, etc.

6. Strategic lies about not planning to go to a farm sale so not as many bidders show up.

5. Who got the least rain discussion—yeah, they go through that again.

4. Local land sales—how can that guy be so stupid to pay that much? (led by the guy in the group who had the second highest bid).

3. The reason farm equipment is so pricey is because of all the bells and whistles—by the way, my new planter has the coolest feature...

2. A good steak off the grill would cure most of these do-gooder vegan #@*$@^)s, and, have you ever noticed how unhealthy they look?

1. Analysis of weather forecast accuracy, from the Weather Channel to the old-timer who tracks wooly bear caterpillars. £