Farm Talk

July 3, 2012

The Top 10 signs your cows have gotten too big:


Parsons, Kansas — 10.  The vet uses a step-ladder for preg-checking.         

  9.  You have preferred customer status with the feed company.

  8.  For some reason, the carrying capacity of your pastures keeps decreasing.

  7.  The cows keep getting their heads stuck in the mineral feeders.

  6.  You only cull a couple because you don’t want to make more than one trip to town.

  5.  Weaning off 500-pounders sounds good ‘til you figure out it’s less than 30 percent of the cow’s weight.

  4.  The horses use them for shade.

  3.  Judging by the height of your corral, folks think you’re raising exotic animals.

  2.  The cows eat over the tops of the bale rings.

  1.  Your new yearling bull is moping over in the corner of the pasture. £