10. She’s OK cleaning the whole house except for the two-foot radius around his recliner.

9. Even though she’d prefer roses for her birthday, the jumper cables were appreciated.

8. She views hauling wheat to the elevator as a great opportunity to finish her romance novel.

7. She’s the only person on the planet who kind of understands his sorting pen gyrations.

6. She coordinates groceries, feed pick up, bank visit, and softball practice into one trip to town.

5. She’s willing to walk farm show aisles even though there’s a perfectly good mall just a few miles away.

4. She’s able to translate her husband’s instructions to the parts counter guy.

3. She developed a technique for washing a seed company cap without destroying its shape.

2. She’s an absolute Zen master at reheating late suppers.

1. She doesn’t mind getting the gates. £