Farm Talk

August 21, 2012

Agronomist urges caution when using treated soybeans for grazing or forage


Parsons, Kansas — The drought of 2012 is pushing livestock producers to think beyond their usual feed sources, but Kansas State University agronomist Stu Duncan urges caution when it comes to using herbicide-treated soybeans for grazing or forage.

“As more folks consider grazing, haying, or ensiling their failed soybeans this year, they should be mindful of restrictions resulting from the herbicides that were used on the crop, whether burndown, pre-plant, pre-emergence or post-emergence,” said Duncan, who is the northeast area crops specialist with K-State Research and Extension.

A list of herbicides and related label statements pertaining to intervals needed between application and grazing, haying or feeding the herbicide-treated soybeans is available in the August 10 K-State Extension Agronomy newsletter, eUpdate: http://www.agron

“Be sure to follow label restrictions,” Duncan said. “My advice is, if the label says not to use herbicide-treated crops for grazing or forage use, don’t do it.”

Information is also available on a University of Missouri website: http://ipm. ing-Haying-and-Silage-Op tions-for-Herbicide-treated-Corn-and-Soybean/. £