Farm Talk

June 19, 2012

MU Field Scouting Report for June 6: Corn producers should watch for worm damage and rust


Parsons, Kansas — Wyatt Miller, an agronomy assistant with University of Missouri Extension, scouted fields in northeast Barton County on June 6.

According to Miller, corn scouted this week was between stages v-12 and v-16. It is likely that several fields will be tasseling by next week. A few fields in the county contained hail damage, but this should not affect yields.

“Some corn earworm feeding was found in the corn whorl, but was not at levels to warrant concern at this time. We are still seeing common rust on corn leaves, but rust levels have not exploded and have remained relatively constant. Generally the largest concern with common rust is during pollination,” said Miller.

Corn producers should be keeping an eye out for both corn ear worm damage and common rust when scouting.

Common rust pustules start as small circular, light green to yellow spots in leaf tissue. Lesions develop into circular, golden-brown to reddish brown, raised pustules in bands or concentrated patches on the leaf.

Pustules soon rupture and masses of rusty brown spores become visible. Common rust can develop on upper and lower leaf surfaces as well as on leaf sheaths, husks, and stalks.

Soybeans scouted this week were between stages VE(emergence)-V3. V3 stage is noted by having three unrolled trifoliate leaves.

“Some hail damage was found in soybeans as well, but overall soybean emergence and stand counts looked good. Few problems were found this week in soybean fields,” said Miller. £