Farm Talk

October 22, 2013

Milan Wiley Memorial Calf Classic results


Parsons, Kansas — The Labette County Agricultural Education Department hosted the 28th Annual Milan Wiley Memorial Calf Classic from September 24 through October 15.

Thirty-One steers and heifers owned by LCHS ag students completed the 21-day feed trial. Overall calves performed extremely well. The average daily gain was 2.32 pounds per day. Winning the 2013 heavyweight steer division is a steer gaining 102 pounds, owned by Brent Hucke. Second in the heavyweight division with a calf gaining 88 pounds, was Westin Myers. Winning the lightweight steer division was a calf gaining 69 pounds, owned by Brent Hucke. Tying for second in the lightweight steer division were calves that gained 56 pounds, owned by Kayleigh Wilson and Nick Moses. In the heifer division, first place heavyweight honors go to Kalyn George whose calf gained 116 pounds. Second in the heavyweight division was a calf that gained 98 pounds, owned by Chase Winters. Chase Winters lightweight heifer calf also received first, gaining 90 pounds. Receiving second place lightweight heifer was a calf that gained 90 pounds, owned by Reid Hentzen.

The trial and a dinner recognizing these contestants is sponsored by the Bartlett Coop Association, longtime employer of the late Milan Wiley — namesake of the Classic. Wiley started the trial 28 years ago to teach high school students about the beef cattle industry with real-world, hands-on application. Wiley had a Coop career spanning 40 years, including time spent managing the Edna branch. Wiley cared deeply for agriculture and for the education of students, sparking the vision of the Calf Classic.

The Calf Classic is a 21 day feed trial promoting Bartlett Coop’s Stocker Starter calf ration. Students from the agricultural program participate by bringing a freshly weaned steer or heifer from their own cattle operation to the Labette County Animal Science facility. Edna branch manger of the Bartlett Coop, Ron Jarman and agricultural students weigh in and work cattle for sickness. The cattle, with varying genetics, are used to test the quality of feed and show real life gains or setbacks. Ag students are responsible for the management and the care of the cattle, a goal set forth by Milan Wiley.

The LCHS Agricultural Department thanks Perry Sorrell, Ron Jarman and all the employees of the Bartlett Coop Association for their support and donations to the Milan Wiley Memorial Calf Classic. £